Why Take Fish Oil?

  • 1.17.2020

Why Take Fish Oil?
We’d like to highlight a specific type of vitamin today: fish oil. Some of you may take fish oil every day and swear by it. Others may be unaware of this supplement and what it can do for the body, so let’s discuss and learn more.

What is Fish Oil?

Simply put, fish oil is comprised of fatty acids from the tissue of certain oily fish. You may recognize it from its other common name: Omega 3 fatty acid. The best sources for this essential fat comes from cold water fish such as salmon, trout, herring, white fish, and even anchovies.

Who Should Take A Fish Oil Supplement?

Fish oil can be consumed through a healthy, balanced diet containing heart-healthy fish 2-3 times per week. For those of us who do not consume fish weekly, a high-quality fish oil supplement may benefit you. And if you do consume fish, but not the recommended quantity, you may still consider a supplement at a lower recommended dosage.

Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acid

  1. Good source of vitamin A and D
  2. Can improve blood flow to the heart, therefore keeping your heart healthier
  3. Can improve the quality of the skin by keeping it hydrated. In addition, omega 3 have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce acne, wrinkles due to aging, and decrease eczema
  4. Looking for luscious locks? Fatty omega 3s can also bring shine to your hair and reduce dandruff
  5. Can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  6. Can help with depression
  7. Can increase fertility
  8. Can help reduce body fat at a higher rate with an existing exercise program

Sounds great right? Just keep in mind that supplements are not miracle workers. Supplements are available to “aid” you and help your body achieve desired goals. You are still responsible for taking care of your body, maintaining a positive outlook, and guiding yourself into a healthier lifestyle. Supplements can only do so much without you being an active participant.

Why Take Fish Oil?

Got The Fish Burps?

A side effect of fish oil is fish burps. They aren’t pleasant, however, there are ways to help to minimize them. First, make sure you are taking a supplement with a minimum of 75-80% omega 3. It may cost a little more, but you are paying for quality. You may also try taking a fish oil supplement with food. As well, look for those that are coated or labeled as “odorless.” This can definitely help minimize this side effect.

Pay close attention when choosing a supplement and make sure that you obtain your supplements from a reputable source. Not all fish oils are of the same quality. You’re looking for the purest form that eliminates mercury. A high-grade supplement is more bio-available, enabling your body to absorb faster, giving you the nutrients you are missing.

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So whether you are looking for a fish oil to fully supplement with, or partially supplement with, the benefits of fish oil are worth your investment.

Why Take Fish Oil?

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