Our Essential Oil Kits: Your Senses Will Fall in Love

  • 1.24.2020

Our Essential Oil Kits: Your Senses Will Fall in Love
I’ve always been a skeptic, the kind of person who’s more likely to turn to over-the-counter remedies to help with a particular ailment than try a more natural alternative. So over the years, I have amassed an arsenal of cold symptom-relieving formulas, decongestants, sleep aids, and many more bottles that currently overflow my medicine cabinet, none of them used properly more than a handful of times. It was only after persistent recommendations from friends that I became intrigued by a more gentle, yet effective, solution to some of my pestering problems: essential oils.

After all, what’s not to love? For starters, they’re all natural. If you’re looking for a “greener” alternative to help you lead a cleaner, purer lifestyle, various essential oils can help in rather surprising ways. The ingredients are simple and recognizable — they are, essentially, extracts of your favorite plants and herbs. Since I try to be a bit more mindful about the overabundance of chemicals and other toxic products in my everyday life (that oftentimes are beyond my control), making some minor tweaks to improve my surroundings is always a priority.

Here’s how I’ve used them over the past few months:

As someone who suffers from chronic sinus issues, using nasal sprays on a daily basis isn’t always the best solution. In addition to potentially hurting my sense of smell, they can also get expensive. That’s why, when I’m overly congested, a few whiffs of eucalyptus essential oil help clear my blockages right up. I especially love this Camphoraceous Essential Oil Collection–which contains eucalyptus, among other oils–which offers oils known for their healing and cleansing properties.

I’m also a fan of the Citrus Collection. Not only are the oils in this kit refreshing in every way, but they’re immensely useful. Lemon oil is my go-to when it comes to creating non-toxic and antibacterial cleaning solutions for the home that won’t agitate me–or my pets! And orange oil is a natural antimicrobial that’s also a fantastic pick-me-up and can even offer some relief from jet lag.

Speaking of everything citrus-related and sense-awakening, we also have an uplifting Focus kit (with oils like orange, lemon, and cinnamon) and pure Energy Collection (who doesn’t love the invigorating and eye-opening aroma of peppermint?)

If you’re still not sure which oils are best for you, take a look at even more kit options to get you started. And when you buy these assorted collections of three oils–there are ten collections total to choose from–you’ll also get three recipe cards and save 5% off the retail price.

Woodsy Essential Oil Collection — If you’re looking to bring in a sense of the outdoors in the winter, indulge in these warming scents that make you feel like you’re truly in a snowy cabin.

Floral Collection — If you’re anything like me, you can’t wait for spring, so here are the perfect assorted kits to tide you over until mid-March. In addition to the beloved staple lavender, you’ll also get jasmine and rose absolute to entice your senses.

Herb & Spice Collection — If you want to refresh your mind and body, this collection is ideal for you. Embrace the natural scents of clove, cinnamon, and rosemary to invoke the soothing aromas of a home garden.

If you’re looking to unwind and get a good night’s sleep the natural way, check out our Calming and Sleep kits. In addition to the beloved classics, you’ll also find the relaxing and clarifying sage and bergamot oils. 

Our Essential Oil Kits: Your Senses Will Fall in Love

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