Living Seasonally: Tips for Settling into Winter

  • 1.26.2020

Living Seasonally: Tips for Settling into Winter
Although the weather has been decidedly strange this year, we seem to finally be moving into real, honest-to-goodness winter. I would expect that the majority would not agree with my next statement, but I consider this a safe space, so I’ll say it anyway—I love winter. I love all the seasons, including winter. I think part of that comes from a practice of embracing the temperament and mood of each season, and letting it dictate how I live in certain ways. Some of this comes from my interest in Ayurveda, a system of healthy living and healing originating in India, which acknowledges the impact of the seasons on our bodies and their needs.

Whether you’re struggling to settle into this weather shift, or you’re a winter lover like me, I’m excited to share some ideas for maximizing your health over the next couple months.

Eat warming, seasonal foods.

As healthy foodies, we talk a lot about eating seasonally. The cold ground and freezing temps of winter don’t bring to mind images of flourishing produce, but there are plenty of wonderful fruits and veggies that are great to eat this time of year: all citrus fruits, root veggies, and dark leafy greens. Beyond just eating what’s popular at the grocery store, I focus on incorporating flavors and preparation techniques that suite the season. Veggie-heavy stews, chili, and casseroles with grains are perfect meals that come together easily. Bust out your crock pot and make dinner while you’re at work! Enjoy warming spices like cinnamon on your oatmeal and turmeric on roasted veggies.

Drink hot beverages throughout the day.

And not just coffee. Even before you take down your first cup of joe in the morning, consider drinking a large glass of warm lemon water to kick start your metabolism and detox your body post-sleep. Chugging ice cold water all day isn’t always appealing when the temperature dips below freezing, so warm water with lemon and ginger or herbal teas are great ways to stay hydrated, get extra antioxidant power, and keep warm.

Go to bed a little earlier.

Yes, this is coming from the same person who wrote a whole series of posts on getting more sleep! According to lots of other mammals on the planet, the colder months signal a time for slowing down, going inward, and storing energy for when temperatures rise. They’re on to something. Energy levels tend to be low this time of year, as the short days become the norm and we settle back into our routines after the holidays. Give in to the natural order of things and catch a few more zzz’s.

Enjoy low, natural light.

Especially during the colder months, I love to keep the lights dim and have a candle burning in the evening when I’m reading, working, or relaxing. It creates a calming, soothing environment that reflects the quiet, dark nature of the season while also feeling warm and inviting.

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