How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

  • 8.28.2016

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Dealing with acne sucks enough as it is, but dealing with post-breakout scars really helps to add insult to injury. When you’re at risk for scarring, it’s so important to take action—don’t wait until the scars have already formed to try and make them disappear. These five steps are all you need to take a proactive approach against scarring, so if you’re wondering how to get prevent acne stars from occurring in the first place, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t pick, squeeze, or pop.

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll tell you again. Acne scars aren’t always a direct result of manhandling a pimple, but picking does almost always result in a nasty scar. Attacking a zit can even turn a pretty minor breakout into a permanent problem. We know that keeping your hands away from your face is easier said than done, but keep the negative long-term effects in mind. If you have a whitehead that looks like it needs to be addressed, use a Q-tip to squeeze rather than your hands to limit the likelihood of bacteria entering the wound when your skin is trying to heal.

Be proactive with products.

Even if you aren’t currently breaking out, using an acne treatment to target future blemishes is a must. If you’re proactively treating potential acne, your skin is less likely to develop the kind of deep-rooted breakouts that cause scars in the first place. If acne-fighting ingredients tend to dry your skin out, use

Get your acne under control.

This may very well be the most critical component to fending off scarring, since less acne means less potential for scarring in the first place. If your acne is severe, and you develop the kind of painful, under-the-skin cysts that are prone to serious scarring, or if you find yourself constantly fending off breakouts, seeing a dermatologist is the best thing you can do for your skin. There are tons of prescription topicals that work very well for acne-prone skin, and anti-inflammatory cortisone injections are a lifesaver for those huge zits that just won’t go away.

Use a scar-specific treatment.

We love, love, love Scar Zone Acne Treatment & Scar Diminishing Cream for this very purpose. Formulated with salicylic acid, smoothing silicone, and antioxidant-rich green tea, it treats acne and discourages scarring at the same time, so it’s pretty much a godsend. You can also try vitamin E on blemishes that have scabbed over to moisturize the area and help reinforce compromised skin cells and tissues.

Be wary of the sun. Very wary.

Daily sunscreen is an absolute must for preventing future damage—if you’re regularly exposed to sunlight, those dark spots and scars will only get worse, so keeping your skin protected is critical for limiting the amount of scarring. The incredibly lightweight Kiss My Face, Face Factor Sunscreen Fluid goes on weightlessly, absorbs quickly, and helps to keep skin matte throughout the day, not to mention the necessary high SPF. Just remember to apply every two hours when you’re spending time out in the sun exposed to direct sunlight, and always after swimming or sweating.

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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

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