5 Steps To Gorgeous Summer Skin

  • 6.28.2016

5 Steps To Gorgeous Summer Skin

It’s no secret that summer is all about skin. Of course, the sun and heat don’t exactly work with you—they can leave you dry and flaky. With that in mind, we culled our best tips for scoring soft and healthy-looking skin so you can wear crop tops and flirty skirts without thinking twice.

Stick to the shade.

Don’t get us wrong: Hanging out at the beach is one of the best things about summer. But it can seriously mess with your skin—now and down the road. The solution? Post up under an umbrella when you’re at the shore, and wear a floppy hat for added protection.

Exfoliate like crazy.

It’s important to slough off dead skin cells year-round to keep your skin healthy, but it’s especially crucial during the summer when your skin naturally dries out. Three times a week, use a loofah in the shower. It’ll leave your skin looking clear and moisturized. (Bonus: It stimulates the natural cell renewal process.)

Give your skin the day off.

Ditch your makeup for 24 hours to let your skin breathe, regroup, and do what it does naturally. Can’t spare the time? Just ditch your foundation or BB cream for the day and stick to a lip color and mascara.


We can’t say it enough: Skin damage equals fine lines and wrinkles. You might not be worried about that now, but trust us, you will be later. Regularly slathering on sunscreen in the morning also protects your skin from sun damage, and minimizes the chances it’ll lose its natural moisture.

5 Steps To Gorgeous Summer Skin

Wash right.

Some soaps can zap moisture from your skin—a huge no-no, especially in the summer. Opt for a wash packed with shea butter and other moisturizers. We like Nubian Heritage Body Wash, African Black Soap ($9.96, African Black Soap, made with Palm Ash, Tamarind Extract and Plantain Peel has been used in Africa for centuries to minimize the appearance of skin blemishes and other skin ailments. Historical references to Shea Butter, a staple of African pharmacology, date back to the reported Shea Butter caravans of Cleopatra's Egypt.

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5 Steps To Gorgeous Summer Skin

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