Beauty Tips: How To Conceal Pimples

  • 1.02.2016

Beauty Tips: How To Conceal Pimples

Have you recently woke up horrified to a big, bright red blemish has appeared smack in the middle of your face? Sitting prominently on your otherwise smooth cheek is a pimple so big that you immediately run to the bathroom mirror and start squeezing away at the sucker.

Before you get yourself into pimple panic mode, stop, take a deep breath, and remember it’s only natural that blemishes appear from time to time. Everyone encounters a blemish or two; nevertheless, it’s essential that you care for them so that they disappear instead of sticking around for good.

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to hide those unwanted blemishes beautifully without damaging your skin.

Rinse And Repeat
Use a clean washcloth and a bar of soap to cleanse the surface. Try and stay away from makeup remover cloths, as they use certain chemicals that may sting or burn your blemish. Use hot water and press on your blemish (do not squeeze or pop, apply minimal pressure). Make sure that you’ve thoroughly washed and gently pat your face dry. Let your pores take in the natural air by not applying anything to your face for at least five minutes.

Silky Smooth
The blemish and rest of your face should still be moisturized. Use a medicated brand of moisturizer. Apply a thin layer as you don’t want to clog your pores.

Blend In
Find a concealer with a slight yellow tinge to cover up the bright red blemish. It’s important to wash your hands, and instead of using any applicators, use your finger to apply the concealer. This way you won’t poke or put unnecessary pressure on the blemish. Apply to the blemish in a circular motion and pat down gently to finish.

Once you’ve covered up your blemish with concealer, put your makeup on as you normally would. There’s no reason to over-do your makeup to distract from your pimple. It’s better to go with your natural makeup routine.

After Hours
Once you’re home and you’ve made it through the bad-blemish day, take a hot shower and slip into some sweats. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands and face again. If you have constant blemishes, you may want to see a dermatologist who can prescribe night cream for a blemish-free face. Otherwise, before you’re ready for bed, take some toothpaste (I know it sounds crazy, but it really works) and apply it the same way you did the concealer. In the morning your blemish will be half the size.

Depending on your skin type, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid topical creams can burn, sting, and possibly create scars, so be careful with your skin.

Try not to stress out too much the next time a pesky pimple pops up, instead, follow these easy steps in protecting your beautiful face and preventing the next appearance.

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Beauty Tips: How To Conceal Pimples

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