10 Foods That Feed Your Sex Drive

  • 1.05.2016

10 Foods That Feed Your Sex Drive

Having problems in the bedroom or looking for ways to spruce things up with your beau? Forget the sex therapist; just visit the grocery store! We all know that some foods have been proven to improve your memory, give your skin a healthier glow, or even boost your metabolism, but these foods serve a sexier purpose.

1. Asparagus
This vegetable is rich in Vitamin E which is thought to stimulate the production of your sex hormones — essential for a healthier sex life.

2. Chili Peppers
A pepper’s heat comes from “capsacin,” a chemical that stimulates nerve endings. After eating hot foods, the body’s pulse rises, triggering the release of endorphins. This gives the body a natural high, a feeling that is very conducive to lovemaking.

3. Chocolate
What girl doesn’t love a box of chocolates from her man? Godiva, however, isn’t just for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries anymore. Chocolate contains a stimulant called phenylethylamine. Okay, that name is a mouthful but what’s important to know is that aside from being nearly impossible to pronounce, the stimulant is referred to as the “love chemical” and gives you a feeling of excitement that can be used in the bedroom, or anywhere else that the mood strikes.

4. Oysters
This erotic food contains a mineral that is required for the production of testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone behind the male sex drive, but it also stimulates the female libido too. In fact, thanks to the magical power of Mother Nature, the slimy little sea creatures have the ability to change their sex from male to female, and then back again. This fun fact gives rise to the myth that oysters let lovers experience both the feminine and masculine sides of love. Think the myth holds true? Try it and find out!

5. Almonds
The aroma of the nut is thought to induce passion in the ladies. Try serving Marzipan for dessert with your man. He’ll enjoy the tasty treat and as for you — you’ll feel an extra drive for lovemaking.

6. Bananas
Its phallic shape is obvious, but other than that, this fruit is rich in enzymes that improve male performance. We are all familiar with the old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but don’t neglect his sexual health. Try feeding him a banana to feed his erotic appetite.

7. Champagne
It’s not called the “drink of love” for no reason. Don’t go overboard with the bubbly, but champagne can lower inhibitions and cause a warm glow within you and your mate’s bodies. Next time you’re looking to spruce things up, say cheers to this sexy and seductive drink.

8. Garlic
The heat in garlic is believed to stir up sexual desires. Enjoy the aphrodisiac together with your beau in the form of a light sauce and it may lead to something spicy later! Just don’t forget to pop a breath mint before things get too hot and heavy; we all know that garlic doesn’t do wonders in that department. If you can mind the stench, it will be worth it!

9. Pomegranate
The pomegranate owes its power for passion to its rich antioxidants.

10. Salmon
It may sound strange, but this fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids which aids in keeping sex hormone production at its peak. It’s a great dish to cook up for a romantic date night. Pair it with any of the aforementioned foods and you’ll be in for some extra fiery passion in the sack.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the special day for romance is the perfect opporunity to give some of these seductive foods a try and put their reputation for lovemaking to the test. Before the next time you and your mate share a moment of passion together, run to the grocery store and fill your shopping cart with all the right ingredients you need to make sex that much better. 

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10 Foods That Feed Your Sex Drive


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