Protect Your Hands From Winter Weather

  • 12.15.2015

Protect Your Hands From Winter Weather

Your hands are one of the most susceptible parts of your body to dryness, cracking and just all-around sensitivity in the wintertime. When the cold air strikes, we tend to immediately feel it in our fingertips, whether it’s with dryer hands, redness or worse – cracking. While we may constantly put on hand cream, it tends to take more than just that to save our hands from the cold air.

Below are some tips to try to revive your poor fingertips when things get bitterly cold. Let us know if you have any cold air secrets in the comments section below!

1. Exfoliate Your Mitts: This lesson is the same with all parts of your body – you always want to buff off the dead skin cells before adding in moisture. Your dead skin cells will accumulate on your hands and just make them a flaky mess, adding to the redness and irritation. Before really pampering your hands, exfoliate.

2. Layer Them In Lotion: A great lotion is the key to keeping your hands healthy when it’s cold. This is something to remember throughout the day (apply lotion every time after you wash your hands, as soap tends to strip them of moisture).

3. Spoil Them: Every time you walk out into the cold air you better have some gloves on – and we’re not talking the itchy, wooly kind. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on cashmere, but make sure your gloves aren’t adding to the irritation. You may also want to invest in a humidifier, as indoor heating tends to add to your skin’s dryness.

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Protect Your Hands From Winter Weather

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