Health Benefits of Celery Juice

  • 11.17.2015

Health Benefits of Celery Juice

Celery is typically used in salads or mixed with other dishes. But in addition to being eaten, celery can also be used as a drink to detoxify toxins from the body. Celery contains a lot of nutrients and health benefits.

One way to enjoy it is to turn it into a juice of celery. Celery juice contains many health benefits. You can also mix it with other vegetables to make it more nutritious.

Here are 7 healthy benefits of celery juice :

1. Good to Drink After Doing Sports
Celery juice contains a lot of potassium and sodium that could replace the electrolytes in the body is lost after exercise or activity. In addition, the juice of celery also helps meet the needs of body fluids. When exercising, the body will lose a lot of water through sweat. Therefore, drinking celery juice helps prevent dehydration. Celery juice also contains many minerals and help add the missing energy.

2. Anti-Cancer Substances
Celery juice contains anticancer substance in it. Consuming celery juice case able to prevent skin cancer, tongue, throat, lever, and intestines. In addition, celery also contains substances that prevent cell damage. Celery also helps increase the activity of white blood cells to keep the body's health and fight cancer.

3. Prevent the Growth of Tumor Cells
Celery contains acetylenic and phenolics that are known to be able to prevent the growth of tumor cells in the body. Two of these substances depress the activity of prostaglandins, which trigger the growth of tumor cells.

4. Reduce Blood Pressure
Phtalides, a substance found in celery helps calm the muscles around the arteries. In doing so, celery juices can lower blood pressure. Drinking a cup of celery juice every day to lower blood pressure and control it.

5. Lower Cholesterol
Celery juice can also lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. This is because the substance in celery can enhance the secretion of bile in the body fluids.

6. Eliminate the Rheumatic Pain
If you often experience joint pain due to arthritis or rheumatism, try consuming celery juices. Drink celery juice every day may help relieve pain and joint pain that you feel. In addition, the juice of celery can also reduce muscle inflammation.

7. Increase Sexual Desire
Celery is also known as a food aprodisiak. Celery juice can boost energy and make you more sexually passionate. In addition, celery juices can also be a cure for insomnia.

Consumption of celery juice every day will help you improve your health and fitness. Not only provide a variety of benefits above, juice of celery also helps removing toxins from the body.

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Health Benefits of Celery Juice

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